Annual General Meeting of the UK PBC & PSC Consortia 29th September 2011


The annual general meeting of the UK PBC & PSC Consortia will be held at Robinson College on Thursday 29 September 2011, 1500-1730hrs.

As before, the AGM of the UK PBC & PSC Consortia will be combined with the Cambridge Liver Symposium. Any collaborators in the PBC Genetics Study and UK PSC Project are warmly invited to stay on for the Symposium, which consists of formal dinner on Thursday 29 September and a series of presentations on Friday 30 September.  Accommodation will be provided if required.

The provisional agenda for the PBC & PSC Consortia is as follows:


Annual General Meeting of the UK PBC & PSC Consortia, provisional agenda

Date: 29 September 2011

Time: 1500-1730hrs

Venue: Robinson College, Cambridge (Directions)


1)  Welcome and thanks (Dr Graeme Alexander)


2)     The PBC Genetics Study

a) Recruitment (Dr Richard Sandford)
b) Finances (Dr Richard Sandford)
c) Update on current projects:

                     i) Meta-analysis (Professor Heather Cordell TBC)
                     ii) Immunochip (Dr Carl Anderson)
                     iii) Subgroup analysis of severe disease (Dr George Mells)
                     iv) Sub-phenotype analyses (Professor David Jones)

d)      Future projects (Dr Richard Sandford)


3)     The UK PSC Project

e) Recruitment (Matthew Brown)
f) Update on current projects (Dr Brijesh Srivastava)
g) Future projects (Dr Simon Rushbrook)


4) Any other matters
5) Closing remarks (Dr Graeme Alexander)


Image by Araqnid from Flickr